Friday, October 14, 2016

SkyVegas MOD

Hi, Welcome to my Skyrim mod blog. This is one of my Revolutionize MOD which will make huge different gameplay. SkyVegas which mean "Skyrim New Vegas" is a combining of two different universe between  two Bethesda games Skyrim and Fallout New Vegas. The mod is create with some of deep analisys in animation of skyrim official DLC Dawnguard. I make this animation mod from this DLC because skyrim Creatin Kit not allowed to create new animation instead of remodified recent vanilla animation assets. So I hope the DLC Dawnguard author will provide me as a modder an agreed permission of their animation assets as one mod of mine.

Updated November
Okay, From now Im doing some extra work on Animation, about the armor there is new one from different gender the female metal armor has weight slider and also for combat armor too, and one male armor of wasteland raider armor which is already being set.

For now the plan is to Reanimate all Crossbow animation, and it will uploaded soon on nexus.
Sadly for all armor from Fallout 3 like raiders and Combat armor will not uploaded due to prohibited condition in nexus, you know 2 different type of game does'nt allowed, even my Marksman Carbine is from Obsidian assets though.

So keep update, and for now I will receive any support from all of you whos satisfied with all my MOD project, does not reffer fo a donation but just subscribe to my channel it would be just fine. 

November 2016.
Recently I was busy with some armor stuff, all of them imported from Fallout 3 meshes.
For now I only finishing 3 male armor with weight slider, mean while for female not set it yet.
The making of this armor its quite a bit tricky, especially for seamless around neck,forehand,and calves which is always a tiny gap between them.

This is the proggress for armors recently as screenshot below.

This is the 3 male armor which is has weight slider on it.
Theese armor are, Raider Leather Armor, Combat Armor, and Metal Armor.

And this is Female armor which is has no weight slider yet.

There is only 3 type of Helmets in the screenshot above, and all can be equipped ( some helmet can't be equipped by Argonians and Khajiit ). 
Theese helmets are, Raider Arclight helmet,Combat helmet,and Raider Wastehound hood. 

For now I'm still working on for Another Helmets, Gauntlets, and Boots.

Also the gameplay will be uploaded soon, I will rush Bandit camp that hireling Raiders as they personal security and sometime Raiders takes on charge in there.

October 2016.
So lets straight to the refference of this mod, This Screeshot below is on-progress mod with some explanation.

This is regular weapon equip animation, no modification from crossbow animation.

Version 1.2

And this is my custom "crossbow release" animation, the version 1.2.
The reload animation was combined because Creation Kit cannot create animation root of "Action Reload" at the top root of animation. The shot is unlimited ammo capacity (no reload) whenever you still have the ammo. Perhaps some othertime I will create enchantment system to create magazine round limit.

The Next Version of 2.0

This version improving more stuff like animation, weapons, and armor.

The Screenshot below is one of my recent issues, the hand position is not properly because the weapon is too short, it is the same nif files between 1stperson and 3rdperson model views, the demanded Acog/Eotech sight in 1rstperson view had also changing the position of its 3rdperson view and affect to all weapon position, because I use only "CrossbowAttackStartdwarvern" animation event in CK for player
Meanwhile for NPC using event "CrossbowAttackStart" in CK because NPC cannot proses "CrossbowAttackStartdwarvern" I dont know why. If this can solved I can create another different animation like sniper or left hand holding weapon front grip, seems to bad.

1rst person view of MP7 Eotech sight

Zooming with the same animation event of "Bow Zoom".

My Custom Release plus combining Reload animation in 1stperson.

Using Another type of weapon "Kalashnikov"
So the Eotech sight of Mp7 affect the position to all weapons including this one.

All release and reload has the same Animation, sorry for that because the progress is quite difficult in a single modification.

Sneak Animation with equiped weapon, no animation modification.

New "sneakcrossbow_release.hkx" Animation also combining with reload animation.

While in sneak mode, it became 3 round burst-shot.

This Screenshot below will explain all the unfinished stuff like bug, unpropperly positions, glitches, and so on.

The unoticed skining or riging around back of the knees.

Seems the helmet is too big

There is so much minor issues instead the picture above, I forgot to create skiny model for body weight slider during racemenu, but most of the bigger issues is the Muzzle Flash effect.

The Muzzle Flash Effect occur when shooting then changing view to 1rst/3rd person camera. This is what hapen, this bug is vice-versa, whatever you may take the first camera view of 1st/3rdperson  and shoot the weapon to spawn muzzleflash.
First I shoot in 1stperson camera, then changing to 3rdperson view with the same weapon, shoot again, the bug appear that muzzle flash spawn in exact location of 1rstperson view, and not in 3rdperson view which is different animation different position, the projectile has no problems with this changing view, only the muzzleflash effect. To solve this in-game is try to shoot with other weapon so the Muzzle Flash spawn in exact location as the projectile released.
Until now this Major bug still unsolved, I try many time analisys also I take search the same issues in moder forums. Its Depressing :(

So thats all the project reference of  SkyVegas Mod, I hope I can relese it soon, most likely after I can solve any issues.

So keep update :)

Download Marksman Assault rifles Click here